IT Onboarding Checklist

Simplify your new employee onboarding process and get new hires set up with software and equipment via this easy-to-use checklist.

Simplify your workflows

There's enough to do when onboarding a new employee without having to worry about all the software and equipment they need too. Make setting up new hires quick and easy with this new hire IT checklist form. You can collect and share all the information you need with your IT department, including model and serial numbers, specific software requirements, and network needs.

Add your branding

Give employees a smooth user experience by tweaking different elements of your it onboarding checklist form to make it look just right. The Theme Editor can help you add organizational branding and edit buttons, fonts, and spacing—all without having to touch one bit of CSS code. New employees (and your IT staff) will appreciate your efforts!

Streamline IT processes

Maintaining proper security is important in today’s tech-driven work environments. Creating a digital workflow with this new employee IT checklist form can make it significantly easier for your team to review equipment and software requests. Assign people to different steps in the process to ensure all your bases are covered.

Simplify onboarding

There are many logistics involved with onboarding new employees and handling tech needs. You can simplify the onboarding process for your team by grouping related forms into a portal. With Formstack's Portals tool, you can track completion rates and send email reminders to ensure all necessary IT onboarding checklist or other IT forms are filled out by the deadlines you set.

Collect eSignatures

Some technology needs may require sign-off from particular managers and departments. Add an eSignature field to this new hire IT checklist form to quickly collect signatures from key personnel without needing to resort to printing, faxing, or scanning. All signatures are saved as image files and safely stored in your Formstack account. If you need a robust digital signature solution, try Formstack Sign.

If you look around, there are always going to be more ways you can use Formstack to reduce roadblocks and hurdles within your business.
Joseph Mitton
Director of Marketing and Communications at Select Security

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